Monday, February 21, 2011

Sthn Gothic sound - for A


  1. Isn't it Amber, as is its title and much of David McComb's work. The Triffids and he have ties with this region and the word 'calenture' is a concept that can be read into landscape here with its abstract horizons and hazy distances... the ambiguity of figure/ground looking across the bay to C Le Grand many evenings is a good example, or a big northerly duststorm.

    My brother Andrew's later paintings explored and exemplified this and it inhabits my artistic sensibilities.

  2. Actually when I think about Amber that commissioned graphic art piece you did that Shan now has has this quality, perfect example... now you know what I mean

  3. I take it they are your photos, are they Dewi? A lovely calenture effect in the music with images to match.