Sunday, January 29, 2012


  1. Hi Dewi

    I had the opportunity to see your exhibition at the Cannery last week - i found it melancholy but pragmatic in its observation - i really liked the inclusion of the poetry and I had a great sense of place - I wont make it to your closing night party but wish you the best and will pass on your details to the RRAC to discuss the exhibition travelling here

    1. Thanks for your comments Amber, interesting that you saw a certain melancholy in the show, noone else has mentioned this but I was aware of it and perhaps embraced it early in the project. If you read the catalogue pieces in the show (cat is still 'in progress' for printing soon) from author Gail Jones and myself, that melancholy is discussed.

      It continues in my eyes in the landscape here and people and personal experience. I have lost 5 friends and family members while working on this project... just discovered last Sunday that Johnny Mc, the roo shooter, passed away recently. I had been trying to catch up with him for a while without any luck. As he had mesothelioma that always worried me, when we didn't see each other for a while. I dropped in with ex'n closing invites for him on Sunday only to find friends there finishing the task of clearing property and possessions.

      John was an interesting fella whom I liked very much and I would like to pay tribute to him here.

      Portraits of those no longer with us take on entirely new meaning for me which I feel enriches and deepens my ongoing portrait work.

      Thanks again Amber and take care for now.