Wednesday, July 17, 2013

breath - landscape work from the last decade or so opening at Mountford's Winery/Gallery Sunday, July 28


  1. The title of this exhibition refers both to humanity’s fundamental dependance on the planet’s health for our survival and my experiences making photographs in particular places which nurture me.

    The Deep River and other streams in the southern forests, the Walpole, Denmark and coastal regions through Waitchinicup, Fitzgerald River and east to Israelite Bay, especially from Esperance to Cape Arid and big sky country north of there are home to me, family to me – like breath.

    These areas also happen to be among the most significant sites on earth for biodiversity, unique endemic flora and fauna and links to uninterrupted evolution since Gondwanan times. They have been under pressure with logging, mining, land clearing for agriculture and housing, feral flora and fauna, dieback and now global warming. These places will undergo significant changes over coming decades and the persisting endemic links they share with millennia of evolution will be irreversibly erased.

    Quiet times making photographs in these places are made more poignant by this realisation. That which gives me life, literally and metaphorically - being and working in such country - is itself struggling for survival.

    The photographs in breath come from a decade or so working across the southwest and southeastern regions of West Australia. As much what I had to hand as a deliberate selection of images, the work does reflect my experiences in places which continue to nurture me.

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    1. Thanks Monika. You know how it can be with your own work - often disappoints the maker - but I have always liked this, my first frame from the Dunns dunefields in 2007, a place that has rewarded me richly since.

      After some setbacks to hopes for my work this past month, images such as this, made from the heart rather than project constraints or professional demands, have regained priority in my practise.

      Have enjoyed looking at your blog too, thanks Monika/

  3. Your work captures me. Congratulations on a beautiful body if work here.