Friday, June 19, 2015

Riverbend below the falls

I had neglected my work for so long that serious work with a view camera surprised me with its complexities and technical demands. In many ways this recent trip is something of a watershed. Most of all with the end of a partnership, the most constant and enduring in my adult life. Two days back from the river my Fella was dead.

Early into radical life changes leaving Perth and academia to pursue photography 15 years ago, I took Fella home as a 6 week old puppy to where I had moved just out of Manjimup. Fella, like Andy, was larger than life: wicked, wonderful and loving. I was lucky but the end of such relationships is lifechanging - and there's been plenty of them the last 5 years... Andy, Mum, Dad...

Revisiting and working on the river also reminded me of my relationship with photography. In the few years prior to going East I had been very involved with arts organisations, beaurocracies and the business, the business of 'art'. It had it's pros and cons... you need a map and business sensibility to thrive in that world. I'm not sure I want to from what I've seen. I lost what I consider to be my only ability as an 'artist', lost my voice. The Story Pool gives it back.

But this comes with obligations. Take it seriously, learn and know your craft and don't blow images like the one here with inadequacy. Looks fine in digital repro from an 8 x 10 print scan but focus right hand side is shot to bits etc. There begins another discussion - you can get away with murder as a photographer in the digital world. But who wants to ?

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