Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Story Pool

I had, as mentioned in a previous post, finally got away for some time with cameras to a significant and special place on one of my favourite rivers - the Deep River in the southern forests near Walpole. I hadn't spent time there for over 10 years. I lived in the southern forest region at the time and 'found' this stretch of river in 2004. It blew me away. It is a very powerful place as well as beautiful. Although not a remote site, I have rarely seen anyone there, access is challenging at times.

I feel the presence of many generations of people and life from the past when on this valley floor though. The open granite expanse down which the river runs has pools, falls, rocks and rivulets that eminate power and life force. The beauty and topography of this area would have made it culturally significant and practical for gatherings and ceremony as well as providing much food in certain seasons. It has become significant in many ways to me since first visit.

Especially the Story Pool. Like dunefields it is ever changing depending on light, season and, above all, river levels. Water only flows into it for the winter months and spring most years. I can't resist photographing it every time I am there. Compare the pool in the photo above to that posted a few years ago on the invite to the exhibition breath taken in 2004.

The Story Pool always tells me things although I often don't understand their significance for many years. Just to be there in fading evening light is profound.


  1. Sounds like Philippa Nikulinsky's "soul moments" in her Cape Arid book.

  2. Exactly Dom, you know the experience well, a peculiarly graceful clarity.