Monday, June 15, 2015

Last photograph of my father.

Since my last post here a few years ago my life has been very different to my existence then and has changed profoundly. In the first half of 2013 I was immersed in art and photography personally and professionally as I had been for some years. Priorities changed   after my last exhibition 'breath' at Mountford's in Pemberton when I moved to Canberra to help care for my elderly father.

The next 8 months was both difficult and richly rewarding as we did the best we could to keep Dad comfortable in the family home accompanying him to his graceful death. Then there was the long task of emptying the house, distributing and disposing of the material evidence of our parents' lives and wading through the beaurocratic demands of probate, wills and property sale. 

The months we had with Dad and each other were intense, at times distressing, but priceless. I had little time and even less motivation to involve myself in art and photography which had dominated my life for many, many years. 

I returned home just over a year ago and everything has changed...

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